Poster no. PWE-087 outlines the improvements seen in patients with heartburn and regurgitation symptoms as well as the overall patient satisfaction and quality of life. One of the key findings confirms that “Stretta® may be useful in patients with relapse of GORD symptoms following anti-reflux surgery – potential for rescue therapy”.

Clinical Lecture “A Prospective Study of Endoscopic RF Application (Stretta) for GORD: Early UK Experience” delivered by the author Mr YKS Viswanath, Consultant General, Upper GI, Laparoscopic Surgeon, James Cook Hospital, South Tees Hospitals NHS and Foundation Trust confirms safety and efficacy of the minimally invasive Stretta® treatment.

Stretta® Therapy for Non-Ablative Radiofrequency Treatment, (NARF) is a minimally invasive solution for chronic GORD patients who do not respond well to medications and wish to avoid surgery. GORD is a common condition which causes the stomach acid to leak up into the oesophagus as a result of weakened muscle ring located at the bottom of the oesophagus.

Debbie Owen, Patient Coordinator at StrettaCentre said:

“Since the release of the UK clinical study on Stretta® we have seen a significant increase of enquiries to the StrettaCentre website and are pleased to support phone and email enquiries for Stretta® as a treatment for GORD.”