Stretta® Therapy, the highly effective and non-surgical treatment for acid reflux, is now available at the Scottish Stretta Centre in Edinburgh.

The Stretta® procedure is a safe and effective treatment for patients who wish to consider an alternative to medication or surgery for acid reflux. Stretta® offers a low risk of complications in comparison to other available anti-reflux treatment options.

Dr Chris Fraser, Consultant Gastroenterologist at the Scottish Stretta Centre in Edinburgh considers the endoscopic Stretta procedure for patients with acid reflux for the following reasons:

- It is safe and minimally invasive with more than 22,000 procedures performed over the past 15 years

- It is an alternative to anti-acid medication when breakthrough acid reflux or regurgitation continue to occur (or when medication causes side effects)

- It is an alternative to anti-reflux surgery particularly for patients without hiatus hernias or with small hernias (3cm or less)

- It does not prevent laparoscopic fundoplication in the future